Salmon update

Britain is facing a shortage of fresh/frozen salmon, which is driving up prices and could force it off restaurant menus.

Supplies of salmon from Scotland have been hit by an epidemic of sea lice on fish farms around the west coast.

At the same time, supplies from Norway have fallen back because of the over-harvesting of the fish.

Growth rates of salmon have also been affected by unusually cold weather.

Further afield, global supplies from Chile have fallen dramatically because fish farms have been hit by toxic algae blooms. As a result, some 123,000 tonnes of salmon were lost in 2016.


Vannamei Shrimps

Since the introduction of the vannamei shrimp in India has helped to increase their exports across the world and now is classed as one of their biggest exports. Nortrade works will 3 key suppliers to ensure quality and supply chain is reliable. John and Rob Greig visit these factories at the start of the each main season to ensure standards are maintained.

Currently the vannamei is in the down time so therefore landings are smaller in comparison to the main season which will start at the end of April.